Ubiwhere, Lda.

Ubiwhere, Lda.



Ubiwhere, Lda. (Ubiwhere)


Ricardo Vitorino


+351 234 484 466



NUT Code III Province: 

PT16D – Região de Aveiro

Located in Portugal, Ubiwhere is a research and innovation SME. Its staff of over 50 employees focuses on the development of innovative and user-oriented software solutions. Since 2007, Ubiwhere encourages a culture of innovation and creativity through the utilisation of tailored solutions for its clients, contributing to their business success.

Ubiwhere is dedicated exclusively to the research and development of transversal technologies to most markets, including: telecommunications and Internet of the Future; bio-economy (food, agriculture and fisheries); besides the sustainable and efficient management of resources (energy, environment and natural resources); transport, travel, tourism; knowledge-based, collaboration and education.

The main pillars of the company are the research and development of state-of-the-art technologies, the design of innovative solutions and the creation of intellectual property (through rich intangible assets), in order to achieve its vision of being an international reference in the intelligent management of ecosystems and the Future of Internet and IoT. In recent years, Ubiwhere has devoted its efforts to the CITIBRAIN joint business initiative, in which an integrated set of solutions for smart cities, offering a technological scenario (sensors and actuators, communication technologies, middleware and vertical applications), has been developed to allow other partners implementing their use cases.

Ubiwhere has participated in more than 25 projects co-financed by the European Union within the framework of FP7 and H2020, among others. This participation has been in the context of the development of smart cities and in the area of telecommunications and, with TecnOlivo, the SME enters into the field of precision agriculture.